Coventry Allotments

Hi Welcome to the group. I have struggled to find anywhere other than the london road site for people in Coventry and thought I'd give this a go. I'm in the north of coventry and I've had my allotment for only a few months so would fin it really useful to chat to locals for tips and advice.

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Hi there,
It's been AGES since i came on here as there wasnt anyone in the group I just thought nothing was going to happen with it. So nice to hear from you!

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Hellow fellow group members!

I have an allotment on allesley old road which i have had for, technically, three seasons. I say technically as it was essentially a ploughed field when I got it!

Its scome a on a little since then and so I welcome the opportunity to share expereinces with others in the area.

I look forward to hearinf from you all and happy growing!

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