How long to rot horse manure

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Hi, I'm fairly new to allotmenteering, but have been growing fruit and veg in my small garden for a few years.

Now that I have some thing a bit bigger I'm taking the condition of the soil a little more seriously. I have tested the soil on the plot and it appears to be sadly lacking in most nutients.

My questions are: what are the best ways for improving soil and if I want to add horse manure, how long should it rot down for. Most information I've found doesn't go any further than saying 'horse manure should be well rotted'. If I acquire 'raw' manure today, how quickly can it be used?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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rotted horse manure

i put mine in a open bin,mix in any kitchen scraps,any veg material from the plot,pee on it,turn it over when i remember,and eventually it,s brown,nice brown long,well when it,s ready.all depends on how quickly it heats up and decomposes,maybe as long as a year for me,but i,m not too will know when it,s ready.just get as much as you can,it,s never enough.regards

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Manure Rotting Time

I think you'll find the bigger the pile of manure the quicker it will rot, the surface area will be smaller in proportion to it's volume on a big pile so it will retain the heat it generates better and rot faster. I reckon a big pile laid fresh in April would be ready to use say October. Might need to keep it watered a bit in a driought to stop it drying out too much. Whereas if you made the pile in October I doubt you'd see much rotting by the spring.

I tend to use mine a bit fresh, but I dig it into the bottom of a trench so it only gets mixed through a year later.